Friday, October 2, 2009

Week 3

I have been feeling much more useful around DFR, and feeling more comfortable with their design process, the way they handle things and with the people. I find that it is always difficult to adjust to a new environment, but this time for me it seemed a bit more difficult. Yes, it is a world of design, however, it is completely different to the world in which I had been living in for the past 4 years of my life. Now I am learning to work within someones budgets, someones taste, someones pre-existing space, and someone elses emotions. It is practically a whole new ball game, especially since I have yet to design :-( . Sometimes I feel as if I may be loosing my design touch and talent (which I know isn't true) but I feel like I haven't had the creative mindset for awhile, because I have been occupying myself with PO forms, estimates, researching products, meeting with clients and running random errands for the designers here. It has certainly been a change of pace for me and a reality check. Neither one particularly bad, just different.

This week I felt really busy, except for today. Today is quiet in the office, Courtney is out of town, Alison is at an appointment and Michelle is in her office plugging away, so here I am, after changing light bulbs, and sweeping the showroom floor, I am hoping something grand will be passed on to me, so I can stop writing my blog and start working with design. I am really hoping next week I can start getting knee deep in learning 20/20 their design program which allows the designers to insert the particular cabinetry they are using so they can get a real sense of what the space will look like, plus it will be easier for the designers to spec the space and estimate the cost.

I guess today can be a quiet day, we have been busy all week, it's friday and its nasty here in Ohio. I am hoping soon to be posting pictures of some of the work they have done as well as some projects I have been aiding on!

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