Thursday, October 15, 2009


This week has been so much better here at DFR, not that it was ever THAT bad! Courtney is back, which helps give me a heavier work load-its a lot easier to be occupied with 2 designers, then just one. I have been busy running from meetings, helping design new projects, picking out selections, researching materials and options for clients, and today I worked on tutorials for a program they use often-20/20. I am so much happier helping design, and learning a new program and really feeling more like a designer!

20/20 is a program which is fabulous for remodelers to use. It allows them to insert the cabinets and countertops they chose and it is easy for specs and helping give visual aids for the clients. I have found it is a lot like CAD/3D CAD it has just been a bit difficult to learn the cabinet sizes, depths and all of the add-ons they require. I will be working on more of it tomorrow and rendering some tile options for a large kitchen Alison has been designing. As for today we are ending it at the office and headed over to America's Floor Source to learn about client interaction and communication! Should really help everyone here and it will certainly benefit me in the long run as well as here and at West Elm.

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