Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hubbard House

So last week, was a little hectic, little crazy and a lot of manual labor. For a couple years now everyone at Dave Fox Remodeling have been remodeling a house in Victorian Village in Columbus, OH and last week on Thursday was the new logo launching and showcase of the house. The first week I was working we went to visit the Hubbard House and with all of the dubris and unfinished work you could already tell it was a beautiful home, but last week right before it was finished and even during the cleansing process it was amazing to see all of their hardwork and design adventures finally be on display for people to see, and for a potential buyer to love and live in.
On Monday, I spent the day doing the usual, tagging along to meet with clients, discussing potential designs, visiting flooring and lighting companies and even doing a final walk through. We had a meeting on Monday with all of Dave Fox employees, which was very interesting listening to the dynamics of the company and everything that gets spoken about, the best thing about the meeting was as important as most of the topics were there seemed to be laughter at most points. Which is something I have am so found of at this business-there always seems to be laughs even when times are frustrating and/or complicated. Tagging along with Alison in a final walk thru was interesting, it is basically just signing paperwork, going over the space and making sure everything is okay, went smoothly and/or making changes (switching out electrical plates, helping the customer pick out paint, etc.)

The rest of the week I spent most of the time getting ready and helping with the Hubbard House, which was sometimes or mostly frustrating and tiring. We scrubbed floors, cabinets, shelves, the kitchen, the bathroom-Everything on the first day. The second day we arrived at 8:30 am and started to move furniture, which can be difficult when its all women and you have mattresses and dressers to move, but we did it, through the sweat, the frustration and the heat we moved it and spent lots of time trying to plan and decide the best arrangements for the furniture regarding egress for the 100 visitors on thursday night as well as the best set up for the house to sell. By 3pm that day we were all spent, and definately ready to leave the Hubbard house. Thursday the next day, a couple of the girls went to finish accessorizing and do touch up's while I stayed at the office with Michelle and helped do some quoting, warranty books and random paper work-type jobs. I took a half day that day to head to North Carolina for Homecoming and unfortunately missed the Logo Launching + Hubbard House Grand Opening. However, I did hear it went great and that the response from the clients were remarkable, it really does show that Dave Fox is the "Mac Daddy" of remodeling here in Columbus, OH and interning here has made me realize that first hand.

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