Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It never fails that I scan my images in crooked-everytime. I blame it on not having a drafting board here at DFR, however I dont know if that is a legit enough excuse. Below are some images of a bathroom I have been able to aid to with courtney. This client is super fun and is updating her and her husbands bathroom as well as her 2 teenage daughters. We were able to get funky and fun with the teenagers bathroom with some really cool flooring from Tarkett and the mirrors (Courtney and I are hoping that its enough fun for them, because their mom apparently gets a lot of heat that their bathroom isnt going to be super fun-we will show them). It was a learning process to draft these images because of details I had never learned- ie: 4 1/2" toe kick, 4-6" backsplash, 1 1/2" marble counter width and so on. Drafting in the real world isnt as easy as drafting in school where thing and objects can be as big or as thick as we want them to be-ha, welcome to the real world!

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