Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 weeks till I hit the ground running

In two weeks I will begin my experience at Dave Fox Remodeling, I have to admit I am a bit anxious. I love new adventures and journey's in life and I suppose this is a great one to be embarking on, however the unknown always leaves me a little bit uneasy. 

September 14th is my starting day, and I will arrive there at 8:40, to attend meetings with my mentor (Courtney) and the other staff in the interiors department. I will be getting my own desk, my very own email address at Dave Fox Remodeling, and my own mark on the firm! Courtney has been very helpful in filling me in on the types of things I will be doing and I think I am most excited about meeting with the clients and helping build my communication skills and helping the client better understand our process of design as well as making their life a little bit easier throughout the building process. 

I will say however, I am still learning the "process" of remodeling, it is quite a bit different then how just plain old building is, so I am anxious to start get my hands dirty and fill my head with knowledge! 

In the next two weeks I am heading to NYC to explore beautiful architecture, wonderful food and a culture I have once experienced but excited to experience again. Be prepared for a great blog update starting on the 14th will all my first days exciting news!