Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where does the time go?

Just like everything else in my life, I feel as if my time here at DFR has completely blown by. Holy Cow. 2 days left here at DFR-weird.

I feel like I have abondoned my blog for the past couple of days, which I can isnt COMPLETELY my fault, I'll blame a bit of it on DFR, since my computer has been out of order since the last time i blogged. but oh well.

The past couple of days have been busy with appointments and getting things organized and ready for clients with both courtney, and alison. the rave tile is about on my last nerve, and i think liz and alisons too! We have been having gliches and complications with the tile. its been frosted, gloss, not the appropriate sizes, etc. etc. etc. But, I believe we finally have it! BY GOLLY it may even get ordered today! Liz has been one of the only clients I felt hasnt been entirely open to my suggestions or opinions, she would rarely acknowledge me when sitting in on cleint meetings with her and alison. However, the other day she acknowledged me, she liked my tile lay out design and some of the light fixtures that I had chosen for her eating area; and she actually spoke directly to me and looked at me-it was a first. And it was definately was a hurdle I had finally jumped over.

(as a side note, since my last post about MARVIN ARVIN he has NOT called courtney until today-very impressive...just thought I would throw that out there)

Awhile back Alison and I had met with a couple named the Humphreville's (this was the couple whos bathroom/shower I had fiddled around with designing for alison), around here we like to call them the humphrey's for short, and it ended up they knew my parents-small world, and their son goes to wake forest!

Keith and Alison have been back and forth back and forth on designing their 11'-5' shower with a double sided fire place ( i think when we mentioned that it was one of the only times mr. humphrey's/Mark face lit up) however, the complications are too complicated and we don't think that it will pass code, therefore, we are moving onto a different path. Below are some drawings alison did of the bathroom, I worked on picking out mirror trim as well as placement and light fixtures.

This bathroom is going to be amazing, all made of really cool rock slate, and flat slate on the floor a nice bench and updated accessories, it's going to turn out perfect for both cindy and mark.

What else has been going on here at DFR? what hasn't i guess. Michelle brought her cat in today, even though my allergies shot through the roof at chaffin and i look like I have gel in my eye i couldnt help but play with ziggy. *yes, i know, i dont even like cats* Alison and I spent a couple hours yesterday at a house that had been completely demo(ed) measuring their kitchen and living area. Their was a very odd construction man there that filled us with random words and awkward moments; I walked out with grey shoes instead of black, and white pants instead of black, but thats what you get when your onsite. Right now I just finished picking out selections for that job, their kitchen should be really cool, I just hope they let alison take control of the rest of the house, it could def. use her help and professional decisions. Hopefully they will see how cool the kitchen and "breeze-way/entrance/4-seasons room" is and let her do the rest of the home. Cross your fingers.

2 days in counting...I guess that means only 2-3 more posts. It will be weird, but I suppose it is time to graduate and focus on the future and finding a "big girl job".

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