Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wait..we got hyjacked?

It was an unusually odd day yesterday at the office; ever since we have done a network clean out/switching the network things have been a little bit on the wacky side. Yesterday was a normal day, we were all running around working on projects, and all of a sudden Christy walks up to me and says.. "Guess what? (insert giggle) we got hyjacked!" I didnt really understand, she told me to look out the window to where our AC units (were/are) someone(s) had come by last night and stolen 3 of our 5 AC units. Sometimes its just so lighthearted at DFR, everyone just thought it was so funny, even the president of the company just chuckled. Its just wild how the world has become.

Other then that event, Alison and I met again with a client who is renovating their kitchen. This lady is the nicest lady, however she speaks only in fragments and it is like pulling teeth when trying to have her make a decision. So we tried to guide her in the right direction and speed up the decision making process by showing her different options for lighting and hardware, but then of course when we were getting somewhere with the lighting, the internet shuts off. Go figure!

I have also been working with Alison the job that has had the complete demolition. I worked in 20.20 to help fill in the rest of the spaces, I feel like I am finally getting comfortable with 20.20, just in time for me to leave. I still would prefer autocad over 20.20 any day of the week, but the ability to be able to print a price sheet at the end of the drawing is the reason I think it is so clutch around here. It was nice to have time to think about the design of this new project, I am really starting to enjoy residential and will def. miss working on residential projects and meeting with clients in their home. Below are some quick sketches I did of different proposals on the kitchen penisula.

I know the drawings are hard to see, so I hope that when you click on them they become clearer.

Courtney and I also stopped by her job Chaffin, who was actually the first project I was starting to learn 20.20 on, and it looks amazing. she used slab doors with really sleek hardware, bamboo-like flooring, copper pendants and copper like tile. It's not exactly complete yet but we went to pick out paint colors. Courtney and I always seem to be on the same page about paint color (which is why I think she likes to have me along...) We picked out a really cool blue/grey color and I think it will really help her kitchen pop. From being on site and seeing transformations of different spaces, I have really started to realize the importance of a paint color, it really can make or break a space.

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