Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are you the stain girl?

The past two days have been a mix of craziness, loosing our brains and hard work, cant forget the hard work. Yesterday, Tuesday, I raced to work, left my lunch at home and was too afraid to turn back after just getting on the highway in fear of being late to work (we all know my anxiety disorder on tardiness), so, I didnt and thought, oh well I just wont eat-or I will buy something, only to find an empty suite 104 at DFR. I sit down to my desk and open an email from courtney telling Michelle and I that both her and alison wont be in until 9:30-10. Damn, could have gone back to get my lunch.
Michelle and I filled our time by having chit chats at my overly-large, hunk of a desk and decided to rearrange the extra tile storage room...again. That passed about 45 minutes and the rest of the time i spent searching for silly appliques for alison new front desk design. No luck ( I probably should be continuing my search on the appliques-but, im not, im over the appliques, for now..). I went to grab lunch and recieved a text from Courtney who was at a meeting about some errands she and dave (aka shickasaurus) needed me to run for them. My first stop was to meet dave over at a job site to give him some wood samples. I met him there and from there he asked me to run over to campus view to meet a guy named Rick who was going to sand and stain the wood with the samples I had shown him prior (are you still following me?) He gave me the address to Ricks, which I thought was a business, but when I was driving through a neighborhood double checking my address I thought, well, this is interesting. So i pull up to 413 (whatever st) and wondered if I ring the doorbell for Rick....if he is gonna meet me outside..who is rick? Oh, oh wait, the garage is open and there is a saw horse hanging out the back...guess Ill go see what thats about. Sure enogh there is Rick. and the conversation goes like this:

"Hi! You must be Rick..!?"
"Okay, Im Shannon, Dave sent me over so that you could do some sanding and staining on this piece of wood. I guess we should just do half and half, then he said to go ahead and spray the semi-gloss on top and we can let you know which one they like better.."
"ok...I have a phone call to make so ill be right back..."

So i go back to my car for what felt like 20 minutes, thought it would be enough time for him to sand, and stain so I didnt have to try and make awkward conversation with him, or, rather with just myself. Apparently making a to-do list, checking facebook and leaving a couple voicemails wasnt enough time. When I get back out there Rick is in the process of doing the first color of stain, as he is doing that another guy walks out of the house.
"oh, shes pretty"
Oh, thats awkward, I just keep my eyes on the stain and continue and try my darnest to make the most out of my awkward conversation. Then an older lady and a little girl come out of the house, they were headed to her stroller, I thought, hey, maybe I can make friends with them.
"Hii, how are you?"
(ignore me and only spit out conversation in french)
Wow. I'm done, just get me out of here....and he was done. perfect. So i take the stain samples and drive to the Fletchers ( an older adorable couple that are living out of a motel because they are completely renovating their new condo. Courtney said I could just meet them by myself because how hard could it be to get them to pick one or the other sample?
So, i get to the fletchers, chat with them, show them the samples and to make a long story a tad bit shorter, they didnt really like either, in fact, they hated one of them, and kinda like the other one. I tried to explain the process and how the color they kind of liked would actually be a bit darker once it was actually on the floor and stained. Mrs. Fletcher wanted me to take it back to Rick and get the second coat on, she was so sweet about it, she said "if you could dear, I woud love for you to have the second stain put on and then bring it back so we can see it-even if it is in 30 minutes, we can come back, I would just really like to see the second coat."
I thought there is no way I am going back to awkward Rick, so I told her I would put the second coat of stain on myself, save us both a trip.
"Are you the stain girl?" She asked.
No, but it is quite easy to do. So I went to grab the stain from my car, and grabbed a paper towel that was on the floor, opened the stain and applied it. easy as one, two, three. She ended up liking it much more now that there was a second stain on it and she saved me a trip back to ricks!

Getting back to the office and telling courtney the story just seemed to set off fireworks here in the office. Everyone on the bottom floor started going crazy, it reminded me of studio when we all drink way to much redbull, mountain dew and random things that "hype us up" but really we just get dillusional and crazy, well thats what happened here at DFR for the next hour, and there is no story telling that can create the hysteria that went on here!

Today was a bit calmer, no stain girl, no rick and no fletchers. I worked on 20.20 a lot and fiddled with that. I am starting to become more comfortable with it and I think that Courtney is feeling the same, since she left it up to me to draw a whole floor plan! Other than that we had another wacky lunch, and Alison, Gary and I went to the Oglesbee's to do a photo shoot of their kitchen, not much of a photo shoot, because it is fairly small, but none the less a beautiful kitchen. We were unlocking the door and realized that there is a little puppy in the house, as Gary tried to squeeze by he casually asked "does it go away?" no, Gary, "it" doesnt go away, and from then on we named "IT" "Jack".

I think this is the longest post I have ever written, and for you I am sorry and you should blame it on Rick and the fletchers. Hopefully you have made it through the long stories!

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