Thursday, November 5, 2009

It always makes for a good car ride home...

In the "real world" I have quickly started to realize clients are clients and theyre not all as wonderful and easy as you would like. Courtney recently got handed a job where she basically just needed to go in help the man (we shall call him Marvin for blog sake) and his wife simply (and I do say simply) pick out paint colors and hardwood floors. Well, Marvin isn't simple, rather he is a bit complex and over the top, he is well organized, a bit challenging, however he always makes for a good car ride home full of giggles and loud music and of course a calming pit stop for coffee. His "simple" job tasks have turned into 2 hour long visits 3 times in the past two weeks. It has gone from Courtney helping with color and hardwood to ordering carpet, dealing with the hardwood guy, and recieving 3-4 phone calls a day for random questions or concerns. It's a hard task not only because he is overwhelming, but also because we just dont care for Marvins taste! So, we just try and go with flow and we will see how things pan out. Oh well, one client out of 20 I guess, I'm just glad they all arent like Marvin.

On top of traveling to see Marvin this week everyone in the office has tried to get the ball rolling again on the renovations for Dave Fox's office and showroom. I have been working with Alison trying to get things ordered, to understand her vision as best as I can so that I can help her as much as I can and trying to persuade the sales reps to give of all the things we want..FOR FREE! Below is a drawing that i fixed for alison for the new entry way to the showroom (where the new intern will enjoy the changes).
I know its hard to see but basically there are a bunch of notes that I needed to add to the drawings so the man from Cambria understood a little better as far as what we needed. Alison has decided to design the front panels with detailing they will be white, the countertops will be a gray shade and we are in the process of finding really cool floor tiling, but the best part is the lights....

BAM! we just love them, we proposed a client to use them in her kitchen, and even if she does, we will order two more, because we have to have them in our space! Dont you love them!?

On top of Marvin (I want to say Marshin (spelling?) because of our green light) and helping design and connect with sales reps I have done just some random drawings and work for Alison and Courtney.

Above is a clients drawing I did for them to help them decide placement for their new mirror and vanity lighting. At Dave Fox they also have their design consultants do a little interior decorating that way the client can pay them at an hourly rate and they can get little tips and design techniques for other spaces in their home. This client we spent an hour an a half with helping them pick out fixtures, lighting, mirrors and paint colors for their bathroom they are going to have a brother do. Because the designers here get paid a salary and dont get hourly, its nice to have this option to make a little more cash!

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  1. not as wonderful as your former professors, right? hehe.
    i think this blog is a great idea...makes me think that you might miss me.